Finally— a Simple Fraud-Killing Remedy— by Anna von Reitz

Finally, Thank God and Thanks to Many People, a Remedy That Cannot Be Stopped or Side-Stepped or Ignored — Judge Anna First, please be patient with yourself as you read through these facts. It took…

Source: Finally— a Simple Fraud-Killing Remedy— by Anna von Reitz


America: There’s “NO INCOME TAX LAW.”

How did the world’s richest family obtain their wealth? They STOLE it from every U.S. citizen and family members who ever had a job (INCLUDING THE MILITARY & POLICE) for the last 100 years!!! H…

Source: America: There’s “NO INCOME TAX LAW.”


We must learn to think and discern on our own! Following the crowd and listening to the crowd charmers has led us into black waters.

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The “IMF” is the “U.S. Treasury”. The “Secretary of the Treasury” is the head of the IMF Board of Governors. Like the “FBI” and “BLM”, the “U.S. Treasury” is just a familiar brand name and trademark that was acquired by the IMF, and because nobody bothered to tell us, we assumed that the brand was still under the management of “our” government.

The IMF functions as an agency of the United Nations, chartered in France at the end of World War II. It’s a bank syndicate run for the benefit of the UN Corporation which was also formed in France years before the United Nations Charter was ever approved. Go figure.

“Controlled Opposition” is a term popularized by William Cooper on one side and Saul Alinsky on the other, and which my British Grandmother roughly translated as “stirring the pot” for someone.

One starts an organization supposedly dedicated to a…

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Week 20: Do You Really Follow Your Burning Desire?

I can identify and am inspired. Thank you.


MKMMA heart in hands burning desire metaphor for movie poster

Do you really follow your burning desire at all times?

Do I really follow my burning desire at all times?

Well here I am in end of week 21 writing my week 20 blog?  So what happened you ask?

Well my candle began to burn less brightly this past week.

Life, incredible busy project for my business, working day and night and all weekend to get it finished, blame it on not being a good multitasker…but did we not learn that multitasking is not a positive trait to utilize?  The bottom line is I did not plan well and I gave in to my old Blueprint of old thoughts and ways of functioning.  What happened to my WPOA (written plan of action) or my FRI OATS?   The answer I gave in to my busy…ness.  The old blueprint took over saying I did not have time for everything and the…

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Week 19 MKMMA: Impossible or I’m Possible

Such insight and flow!


Week 19 MKMMA:  Impossible or I’m Possible

The motto at the blind/low vision school where I used to wIm possible EDITEDork is:

“The impossible is only the untried”

You have to just love synchronicity.

This is posted in the accessibility room at Conestoga College, where I now work.

 We are taking the hero’s journey in this course.  We are stepping outside the box of conditioned thoughts, beliefs, attitudes we inherited as children and stepping into the unknown…..where our light that wants to shine forth from within.  Challenging….yes.  This week has been a turning point.

One dream I had was a massive wave of water (100 feet tall) flowing toward a town.  I remember telling the 8 year old boy next to me:

NOT to hold onto anywave of oceanthing, just go with the flow, feet forward, and keep out of the way of buildings.”  We made it safely to shore. It felt like I was…

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Week 17 MKMMA: Insights come in the silence

So much growth in this post. Thanks for sharing.



A choice has been made.

It has taken me 1.5 years of chipping off the old cement from around my Buddha inside……all the conditioning that blocks one from living from their truth, their Soul’s purpose.

meditating near water pixlr

January 21st, 2016 will be a remembered day.  I am choosing to move forward into my power, to create the life of my dreams based on my gifts and passions.  The job I had was beautiful.  I learned so much compassion and had time to heal so much karmic energy I had put into motion from my past.  Thank you Universe for that wonderful job and the people who were my teachers.

Instead of applying back to my old life, I did Reiki on a friend at home.  I was in my new office and the energies were flowing beautifully through me with ease and grace.


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Really Deep!

All of Og’s scrolls really run deep, but this one about making the most of every day with no reflection back or forward, has really captured me. Today’s world so drives everyone to rush through every minute of our lives and invest so much in planning for tomorrow. So much of my life is a blur because I subscribed to the ‘rat race!’ Okay, I am looking back, but only to see what it is that I am coming to realize what I no longer wish to do today.

So this explains and reinforces my understanding of why I no longer get as much done each day. It is not age, but realization that the quantity of what I do is not the treasure. It is the quality of what I accomplish and what it adds to my life that is becoming my focus. I give myself permission to evaluate and choose for my life and not for the approval of others. The cement slowly cracks and chips away.